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By Sanjeevv K Somanath
Happiness Coach coach

08 July 2020

Sales Coach

Surrender to the client...!

Now, that's a debatable statement.

The popular saying that the client is always right isn't always; well right.

Yet every sales person is asked to be client centric.

Afterall, nothing happens until a sale is made and no sale is made if there are no buyers.

Surrendering to the client necessarily does not mean to the person.

It's about the way we create value for our customers.

Value not only in the deal. But also in the relationships.

The art of creating, sustaining and nurturing a client partnership is what one should surrender to. This is more of a mindset change and believe me, it isn't difficult to achieve.

So next time you are asked to surrender to the client, remember that you aren't submitting.

By putting the client interests first you will be an irreplaceable asset in your client's life.

That's your duty, oh Salesperson!!


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