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I have never worked with a coach before. How it is different from attending a normal Training course ?

From a broader perspective, a trainer has a set agenda or curriculum about any topic or skill(s) which the trainer imparts to the trainees (mostly in a group or in batches). A coach works in partnership with you to understand your specific requirements in the field of your choice and set goals with a mutual agreement to be achieved by you in a specific time frame. A coach not only monitors but also ensures your accountability in making you drive for your goals by keeping you focussed and motivated.

Do I need to visit the coach at his or her place ?

It depends upon your location and the coach’s location, also on the mode of coaching used by the coach. You can find the mode on the coach’s profile page. Mostly, to save time and commute, people prefer coaching sessions over telephone or video calls (Zoom, Skype, and other applications). Also, it helps in overcoming geographical barriers. But it will depend upon your coach and you to mutually decide over the medium to be used (including in-person) for the coaching.

Do I have to pay to the coach for initial contact or consultation ?

No, usually a coach will not charge you for the initial call or meeting to discuss the modalities of coaching unless specifically mentioned by the coach.

How long is the duration of a coaching contract ?

It depends upon your requirement. Normally, a coach will take you in confidence to decide the time and space for the concluding the coaching assignment. As observed, a coach will have various programs including his or her signature program/modules which normally may range from four to eight or twelve sessions (or more) of an hour each. This will spread over weeks or months. Again there is no fixed convention that is followed. It will all depend on your coach how he or she decides the best suited time frame that will ensure the best of the results for you. All this would be mutually decided by you and your coach before your coaching formally starts.

Can I drop in-between a coaching contract ?

Yes, you can(please also refer to the coaching contract form, if any, that you sign before starting of your coaching sessions) but our advice would be to follow the complete coaching schedule as decided initially by you and your coach unless and until you have some substantial reasons to dis-continue

Are coaches expensive ?

Not really! Normally we hear coaches assigned to CEOs and top business leaders. From Bill Gates to Sir Richard Branson to Tim Cook and many more, all had their coach. But as a matter of fact, coaches are for everyone including you and me! Actually, it is good to have a coach at all stages of your life or career- whether you are struggling, stable, or successful. Even when you think you are successful, you will need a coach to ensure that your success is maintained and you continue to develop and grow. A Coach working on his/her passion to help people has to spend a lot of time, energy, and money to keep updating their skills so as to provide the best of coaching to their clients. So, there is a cost attached to it. Investing in yourself would be the best investment that you will make to get the best returns in your life!

Will help me in shortlisting my coach ?

Yes, as a paid service, will help you match with the best coach meeting your specific requirement. You can reach out to to avail this service.

How can I solve my login and password issues ?

Please write to for any of the above issues and we will help in resolving it at the earliest.

How do I know if my coaching engagement was successful ?

On concluding your coaching schedule, you and your coach will review the goals that were set at the beginning of the coaching session. The status of the goals would be a fair measurement to decide on the success of your coaching assignment. But even more than that, how do you feel about yourself having gone through this journey with your coach in terms of your own personal growth and development will be another yardstick of measurement.

Is Coaching under any kind of regulation ?

No, it is not under any regulation as of now.

What will be the role of ? acts as a facilitator between you and the coach. It provides you with this facility to have easy access to the respective coaches in various streams like Executive Coaching/Business Coaching/Career Coaching/Life Coaching/Entrepreneur Coaching/Wellness Coaching/Image & Brand Coaching/NLP Coaching etc. to cater to your specific requirements. Once you shortlist the coach, it is between you and the coach as to how you proceed further.

Has received any recognition till now ?

We feel proud and are glad to state that has been recognized as a Startup by the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade, Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India.

My profile is listed in other coach listing directories, why should I use the platform of ? is not a listing directory. It is much more than that. Our mission is to make coaching easily accessible to the clients who include Corporate Executives, Business Leaders, Businessmen, Entrepreneurs, Self-Employed, Homemakers, and Students. Secondly, to ensure that Coaches get exposed to the right audience so that they don’t use their crucial time searching for the right clients. would do its best to take the clients, both individual and corporate, directly to their doorsteps. Thirdly, create and continue to develop a unique global level platform (marketplace) for the Coaches and the Clients to interact and mutually benefit each other. We feel proud and are glad to state that has been recognized as a Startup by the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade, Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India

How would help a Coach ?

One of the objectives of is to help Coaches with more business (clients). For this, we’ll be using online (Digital) and offline marketing means among other tools to reach out to the targeted audience. Today, a Coach has to spend most of the time in marketing himself/herself to reach out to the client instead of concentrating on his/her craft which is coaching. It would be our endeavour to make available the right set of audiences to our Coaches. Also, we have created this platform with a universal appeal so as to attract Coaches/Clients across the geographical boundaries.

What all will be shown on my Coach Profile page ?

Your profile page will be like your personal website. It will reflect your coaching specialities, qualifications, certifications and awards (you can upload your certificates), contact details including email/phone/website, detailed description about yourself, up to three videos of one minute each, your upcoming and past events, your blogs, and articles and more. The availability of some of these features will be based upon the selection of your subscription plan.

What happens to my profile if I don’t renew my annual subscription ?

If you don’t renew your annual subscription, your profile will move to the ‘Free Listing Category (Silver Plan)’ which will have very limited features attached to your profile. You can delete or hide your profile any time you like.

To delete your profile, please contact

Can I add, delete or, change my coaching specialities in my profile after registration ?

Yes, you can. You can keep updating/editing your profile with any new development in your career including changing your niche domain among other things.

Will support me in getting exposure to corporate clients ?

Yes, will be serving both categories of clients- individuals and corporates.

What does Featured coach mean ?

As per your selection of the subscription plan, your short profile will get reflected on the home page and other pages. The system will select at random the coach profiles eligible under featured coach provision every time a user logs in or refreshes the page.

Can I have a conversation with the prospective clients using this platform ?

Yes, you can have a conversation with the user if he or she reaches out to you. Your Dashboard will show any new messages received from a user and all your conversations will be reflected here which you had with the users/prospective clients.

How can I resolve issues while registering my profile ?

If you find any issues while registering your profile, please reach out to and we will get it resolved at the earliest.