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Startup Urban
December 04, 2020 startup to find the right Coach according to your specific requirement

The foundation stone for India’s first Global Platform(marketplace) for Coaches!

Anirvan Chakravarty, the founder of, created a unique platform so that both corporate and individual can choose their desired coach according to their sole requirement. They started reaching more and more people when the uniqueness of this platform and the social media began speaking for them. 

The Platform has been designed in such a manner that you instantly feel connected once you are on it because of the easy access to your desired coaches starting from executive coaching to business coaching, life coaching, wellness coaching, image and brand coaching, leadership coaching, career coaching, entrepreneur coaching, NLP training, and a lot more.

Read the full story including the interview of the Founder of, Anirvan Chakravarty where he talks about his plans for the startup. startup to find the right coach according to your specific requirement - Startup Urban

Indian Achievers Forum
November 10, 2020

Indian Achievers Awards – India’s First Global Platform (marketplace) for Coaches

Anirvan  Chakravarty  is  the  CEO  &  Founder  of Which is India’s first global platform for coaches bringing coaches across niches like  Executive coaching/ Business coaching / Leadership coaching/ Life coaching/ Wellness coaching/ Performance coaching/ Transformation coaching/Career Development coaching/ Career Transition coaching/ NLP Practitioner and likewise under one umbrella. He has been working relentlessly to ensure that Corporate Executives/ Business Leaders/ Professionals/ Home Makers and Students are provided with help in areas of self – development, and self – transformation to utilize their full potential to achieve their dreams and goals in life.

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June 25, 2020

Press Release
June 25, 2020

India’s First Global Platform (marketplace) for Coaches

India’s First Global Platform (marketplace) for Coaches

Mumbai, Jun 25, 2020   - Coaching is a journey that self-aware people undertake to achieve professional and personal growth, to enhance their overall quality of life in terms of well-being and to achieve those goals which at some time they thought were impossible to achieve.

The coach helps you to find the resources in yourself to achieve those goals or objectives that you have in mind related to your personal and professional life. He takes you to this journey of growth and success through new perspectives. The coach will be the best person who will know the gap between where you are now and the goal that you have in mind and will ensure you work tirelessly to reach that goal.

Keeping these concepts in mind a new startup venture has entered into the professional coaching and training market whereby creating a global level platform(marketplace) for Coaches. The Founder & CEO of Setmycoach.comAnirvan Chakravarty, stated that the idea behind this startup venture which is recognised by DPIIT is to make the process of finding a Coach in a particular niche as easy as possible providing enough choices to the clients and at the same time providing ample exposure to the Coaches in getting them the right set of audiences. 

Organizations are now opening up to engage Coaches to provide individual and group coaching to their employees as they realize the importance of the transformable impact coaching creates in terms of individual output and improved employee engagement. Coaching creates changes (transformation) in behavioural aspects of employees improving the overall culture of the organization resulting in impacting the revenue- directly or indirectly. Coaching is slowly picking up with the Corporate and the Organisations are engaging with the coaches in terms of hiring them to train internal coaches or to train the manager and above slab to coach their respective teams. intends to serve individual as well as the corporate clients.

A survey conducted by for coaches sometime back revealed that almost eighty percentages of coaches felt a need for a common platform where clients can access the coaches with ease, choice and comfort. addresses this core issue and the platform provides many useful features to a coach. The platform caters to a range of coaching categories like Executive Coach/Leadership Coach/Business Coach/Transformation Coach/Career Transition Coach/Performance Coach/Life Coach/Wellness Coach/NLP Trainer (Practitioner) and many more. The profile page of the coach has been designed like a personal website for the coach covering every detail.

Anirvan Chakravarty, the Founder & CEO further added that among the other objectives of, creating awareness of coaching not only in the general public but also among the corporate world would be a key priority and the team intends to take this platform at global level in the coming years. is live and clients can access it at


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Mumbai, Maharashtra, India Providing Global Platform (marketplace) for Coaches (Startup recognized by DPIIT,Govt. of India)