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Container and the Content.

By Subramani Sarode
Meditation Coach coach

21 January 2021

Meditation Coach

Can you judge the content by the container?

ContaContainer may look ugly, hard and haphazard.

The content can be juicy, cool, delicious and healthy!

The container that I am referring to is - combination of body, sensory perceptions, thoughts and emotions. That is what our representative identity is!

This container is holding our true identity, which simply can be accessed through the stillness of mind.

That’s being in Awareness, Being in Meditation!

The beauty is, the components of our container – body, senses, thoughts and emotions – are the vehicles to get to the place of being in Awareness, being in the Present!

You will amaze at the ease with which you can de-stress and rejuvenate on the go!

You too are welcome to experience it. You can bring along your team/group also!

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