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Leadership is all about I, I & I

By Subramani Sarode
Meditation Coach coach

29 October 2020

Meditation Coach

“Leadership is all about I , I and I.”

Isn’t it turning ethos of leadership on its head?

No! let’s look at that statement closely.

Inspiration :
What is my source of inspiration? Isn’t it very much aligned to my intention?

Influence :
What are my desires? Why I get influenced by certain people, things and situations?
Desires are the driving force behind influence!

Impact :
Am I aware of the impact of my intention and desires?

As I become aware of my source of inspiration, the desires influencing my thoughts and action and the impact of it on my life, I can lead my life towards my vision.

Now, awareness of - how I get inspired, influenced and impacts of them - can be easily related to the people around me.

Then this awareness will guide on how to align individual aspirations of a group/organization /nation to a larger vision!

So leadership is all about I , I & I.

#tip for destressing on the go from #suswasaSpace ;

Rub your palms vigorously and hold them in front of the chest with palms facing upward. Become aware of the sensations ( a kind of tingling) in the palm and slowly become aware of all the sensations in the body. Avoid all the tendency of mind to label those sensations as warm, tickling, inflammation, itchiness, cold, pain and so on. Just drop all the thoughts and be aware of sensations, only the sensations! Try this any time and at any place! Please share your experiences!

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