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Live as if there is no tomorrow?

By Subramani Sarode
Meditation Coach coach

19 October 2020

Meditation Coach

"Live as if there is no tomorrow"
is an oft quoted motivational byte!

Let's look deep into this!

If at all there is a hope, from where it originates?

We are cutting off that hope through "Live as if there is no tomorrow". This quote is directed towards persons who tend to be workaholic!

If a person is going to die tomorrow, is there any necessity to do something?

Here's is another dimension & other perspective;

Be comfortable with dying at any moment! At the same time be aware that we can live up to 120 years! Yes human life is designed for 120 years.

Now what happens?

I do not have choice on death occurring next moment, however if I were to live for 120 years there are lot of things I need to do from NOW itself.

Take care of body through appropriate diet and regular exercise.
Take care of relationships through appropriate communication and emotions!
Take care of actions through appropriate thoughts.
To tie up all these - being in meditation also becomes necessary in the NOW!

And we will be in the space of wellness and joyfulness!

Choice is absolutely yours!
So are the consequences and experiences!!

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