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By Subramani Sarode
Meditation Coach coach

17 September 2020

Meditation Coach

I like to share the story behind insights from the sketchy sketch!

During my schooling days, I used to get bored of drawing classes and somehow I never had an affinity towards drawing/painting!

However, in the recent past I felt I should start this art form. Soon I started getting inspiration from my fellow members of @learnersconcalve group. Thanks to @Ganesh Dalvi , whose doodles were so cool and thought provoking. And @Shanker sir’s cool shanks posts – started as line sketches and soon turned into fine art works!

Final trigger happened when I saw posts from my sister-in-law @aruna Sarode. She is a great artist. I knew it takes lot of efforts and time to come up with such wonderful creations. Here is a link to her FB post!

However, when she started posting paintings on a daily basis as a part of 30 day challenge, I got the courage to sketch with pen, sticky note and just one trial!

I posted this image in the group along with thought that emerged after looking at my sketch;

“I have to be aware that my reflections of self tend to get inflated”!

Then other insights form group members followed;

“You reflect what you are!”

“What I see that the inflated one is not real hence be true to yourself”

“You are more than you know!”

“Very true! What I know about me is a drop in the ocean!”

“To add it to further, when introspecting, where am I focusing?

On guilt, fear and regrets OR hope, love and grace!

Since they tend to get inflated, we go into either vicious cycle or virtuous cycle.

After all, everything is happening through thoughts!

So being aware of it by stepping out of thinking mind now & then helps to move from vicious cycle to virtuous cycle!

Eagerly waiting for your insights from that sketchy sketch!


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