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How to select the Best Coach

Choosing the right Coach for oneself can be a tough task. This is more challenging especially in today’s time when we find more and more people joining the coaching industry as Coaches. This task can be made easy if you have clarity in your mind about what you are looking for in terms of achievement, how committed you are for the purpose, how much open you are to change and lastly, are you willing to invest your time, money and energy into achieving your goal? If you have this clarity in your mind, finding the right coach becomes easy for you.
The important criteria that you should be looking out while choosing a coach for you will include the following:-

Professionally Trained

It is always advised to look out for a coach who is trained and has a professional certification in coaching. A trained coach knows the nuances of the coaching process and will help you in the best possible way. Remember, a coach should have the knowledge and the technique to ask the right questions, listen emphatically, and make the right assessment to help you get where you intend to reach. A trained coach is supposed to have these qualities. Consider the certifications and credentials of the coach. Also, remember that mere having experience of a good number of years in a particular domain or industry does not makes one a good coach!

Experience in the Coaching industry

We all improve with time in our respective domains and this is true for the coaches too. The experience adds weightage as it brings more value to the coaching process. If there are reviews available for the coach, it would be wise for you to go through the feedback. You may also like to consider the fact whether it would be better to have a coach with relevant experience in the field that you want to excel or achieve your goals but this should not be made the mandatory requirement while choosing your coach. Also, remember that you are hiring a coach and not a consultant. At the same time, just as an example, it would be prudent for you to look for an Executive or Leadership coach if your goal is to excel in your corporate life in terms of performance and leadership. You will not reach out to a Life coach to achieve the same goals.

Feeling the Connection

This is important. When you have your first introduction or the consultation call with the coach, how do you feel? A good sign would be if you feel really excited and inspired by the 20-25 minutes discussion but at the same time, a bit scared too! It would typically mean that you are inspired to grow, ready to commit to the process, but also a part of you is a bit "scared" because you know there would be some stretching involved. It is a good sign indicating that the coach will help in facilitating you moving beyond your comfort zone which is essential if you want growth. Please remember that you are not hiring a coach to ‘feel good’ but to grow and develop yourself resulting in the achievement of your specific goals. At the same time, it is of the utmost importance that you feel comfortable with your coach. The entire coaching process should be enjoyable by both you and your coach.

So, in conclusion, all the above-discussed criteria are very important in selecting a coach. The bottom line remains that you should look out for the ‘fitment for your purpose’ in a coach in terms of achieving your personal and professional goals while finalizing a coach.

Good luck to you for getting the best coach!

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