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How does Coaching works ?

Welcome to the wonderful world of coaching!
As we have mentioned earlier, coaching is for the self-aware people who want to progress in life and achieve their set of goals in a timely manner. Your self-awareness has brought you to this stage where you are looking out for means and ways to achieve what you desire in life- both at a personal level and in professional life. A professional coach helps you in achieving this objective.

Finding the Right Coach

The process begins with reviewing the relevant profiles of coaches and shortlisting a few of them (typically three to four profiles). Please refer to our section on ‘How to select a Coach’ for more information on choosing the right and the best coach for you.

Send an email or call up these coaches and set up a consultation call with each one of them. The call is without any cost and is just to understand more about the coach and his or her style of coaching. These calls should not last more than 20-25 minutes. You may discuss your goals in brief or what are your expectations from the coach. The coach will share with you about the modalities of his/her coaching process and the fees for the same.

The Coaching Sessions

Coaching typically consists of a series of one-on-one sessions between you and your coach and on average it is for around one hour each. These sessions can be weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly depending upon what has been agreed between you and your coach. Both you and your coach will agree on what works best for you prior to starting the coaching engagement and will often be flexible if the schedule needs to be adjusted.

In the first one or two sessions, your coach will usually go over your goals, reviewing and working out as to what you hope to achieve through coaching. If you aren't clear on your goals yet, it is fine! Coaches are trained to ask you the right questions and actively listen to what you have to say to help you understand what actually matters to you. When coaches use their active listening skills along with assessment tools, they are often able to uncover your deepest desires enabling the right goals to come to light. The simplest example here could be that as a corporate executive, you want to make a career change and would like to start your own business but don’t know which business to start? Your coach will help you not only to make you take the right decision on which business to start but would also help you with ‘How to start?’ and ‘When to start?’ and will decide on the goals with mutual agreement.

The process of coaching includes identifying your strengths, values, and the things that give you meaning and purpose. The coach will unveil all these through specific questions and assessments. The main objective of this activity is to give you absolute clarity about what you want to achieve. This will help you with setting your goals. Based on it, the coach will work along with you to develop a personalized plan to achieve these goals.

Once the goals have been established for coaching, the coach will assess where you are now and the steps needed to get you to where you want to be. The coaching process will close the gap between your current state and your desired state.

The coach will work with you as per the agreed plan and at the end of each session, the coach will ask you to commit to completing certain tasks or action points before the next session. These will generally consist of specific actions that you and your coach have identified as being the most important things you can possibly do to move closer to your big goals. By making a commitment to your coach, you’re not only focused on the most important tasks to achieve to your goals, but you’ll also have someone holding you accountable to make sure you’re constantly following through. Commitment, accountability, and follow-through are some of the most valuable components of the coaching process and they are the big reasons why people who work with a coach make so much more progress than they do when working alone.

Happy Coaching!

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