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Coaching Specialities and Accrediting Bodies

Coaching Specialities

Over the years Coaching has developed significantly. Earlier we had few people available as trained and certified coaches. Now that population has jumped into leaps and bounds. Still, we find a dearth of well qualified and certified coaches. Similarly, earlier we had very few coaching streams or categories available for us to hone our skills and potential. This too has developed progressively at a rapid pace with the immense development in the learning and development industry in the last decade or so. Today, we find coaches available for practically every behavioural aspect of our personal and professional being. This is encouraging and hopefully will continue to grow further!

We list out a few coaching specialties with a brief description of them and would add more in the future.

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching helps top executives, managers, and other leaders to develop their leadership capabilities to achieve short-term and long-term organizational goals. It is conducted through one-on-one and/or group interactions, driven by data from multiple perspectives, and based on mutual trust and respect. Executive coaching help enabling leaders to unlock and unleash their full potential so they bring greater value and abundance to the people and the organizations they serve. The coach and the Executive work in close partnership building trust and confidence to achieve the maximum impact.

Executive Coaching is for Executives who want to :-

  • Become a more effective leader
  • Improve their self-confidence
  • Strike a better work-life balance
  • Shoulder higher responsibilities
  • Willing to make a career transition

The benefits of executive coaching include :-

  • Improved and more effective leadership style
  • Enhanced self-awareness
  • Improved self-regulation
  • Greater empathy and emotional intelligence
  • More flexibility in thought process replacing rigid mindset
  • Higher levels of motivation

Business Coaching

Primarily Business coaching is all about making your business achieve the set goals. In the process, a Business coach will help the business owner in terms of focus, priority setting, and consistent action plan to achieve those targets or goals. The Business coaching process will help the business owner to acquire knowledge, skills, and the tools which could be implemented in making the business achieve its goals and objective. To put it more simply, Business coaching is the process used to take a business from where it is now to where the business owner wants it to be. This is achieved through the Business coach by assisting the Business owner in planning well defined and meaningful goals, bringing clarity in terms of tasks and objectives, etc. making the business owner accountable so that they achieve success.

Life Coaching

Life coaching is about helping you excel in almost all areas of your life! So, a life coach helps you with identifying your goals and defining a vision for success, creating professional and personal growth plans and actions, identifying your limiting beliefs, help you in finding your purpose, achieving work-life balance, improvement in connecting with people with improved communications, building relationships, helping you understand the hindrances in your overall well-being and much more. Life coaching is gaining momentum as more and more people are getting inclined to help them in building a meaningful life for themselves.

Transformation Coaching

Transformation coaching helps you with the psychology of human potential, change, and internal transformation. The Transformation coach will help you with step-by-step processes and tools to break through old patterns of thinking and habits and create new lasting changes for success and well-being. This coaching process will help you to get un-stuck by identifying your needs and potential roadblocks. The Transformation coach will help you in bringing absolute clarity in what you want and who you truly are to make you live and enjoy an authentic life. This coaching process helps you develop a growth mindset so that you don’t doubt your capabilities to achieve your goals. The Transformation coach will help you in overcoming your fear of change and rejection.

Leadership Coaching

The leadership coaching is meant for the people who are in the leadership role and for the potential leaders whereby they learn how to be more effective in implementing the various leadership traits like communicating effectively, delegating, planning and execution, creating a vision, effective people management, maintaining work-life balance for self and team and much more. The Leadership coach will work with you building trust and confidentiality in identifying your strength and weakness concerning the above-mentioned traits and will develop a plan of action to help you perform to the best of your ability so that you become a good leader.

Entrepreneur Coaching

Entrepreneurs are self-made people who like to take calculated risks and are not afraid to implement their innovative ideas into a proper business form. They are a determined, disciplined, and dedicated lot. At the same time, they are very vulnerable too! They need to be handhold in their entrepreneurship journey. And who better can be the person other than an Entrepreneurship Coach? The coach helps the budding entrepreneurs with some solid motivational support along with being a real critique at the right moment.

An entrepreneur is a headstrong person and may have a very rigid thought process which at times might be harmful to his/her project. The coach ensures that the rigidity in the thought process is transformed into a flexible mindset accepting new ways of functioning. Execution of an idea is an important step in the entrepreneurship journey. The Entrepreneurship coach plays an important role in ensuring the objectives of the entrepreneur is met by making the individuals accountable, pushing them out of their comfort zone, help them guide through the roadblocks, and bring them back on to the agreed path(motivate them) as and when the individual deviates(because of the occasional setbacks).

Wellness & Lifestyle Coaching

The wellness & Lifestyle coach helps you to improve upon your emotional and physical state of well-being. The coach will assess your emotional and physical state and will work with you to set goals aligning to your desires and wishes to achieve improved overall wellness. The coach will work on various aspects of your daily routine and may help you to change certain lifestyle patterns that are harmful to your overall wellness in terms of being emotionally stable and sound along with being physically healthy. Wellness Coaches help clients proactively manage their health, fitness, nutrition, and mental health. They help clients develop better nutritional habits, identifying healthy diets to overcome health challenges like diabetes, weight management, ADD, and eating disorders. A Wellness & Lifestyle coach will help a person achieve their goals by working with an individual's strengths and values in creating plans for a long-term wellness strategy. Working with a Wellness & Lifestyle coach should be inspiring, empowering, and motivating experience.

Career Coaching

Many people feel the need for a career coach when they find themselves stuck in their profession (the stagnation phase) not knowing how to deal with it. Some are doing reasonably well in their career but still feel the need to fast track their career path. And lastly, some are doing extremely well in their career and would like to continue with their success journey by setting new goals and achieve them in a set time frame. The Career coach helps all such people who are looking for growth and development in their respective careers by identifying their career goals matching to their desires and expectations. They work with the clients to ensure a proper road map is created to achieve those career goals. The career coach will help you to discover and identify what you want out of your career and help you set your goals accordingly. The career coach will help you in making an action plan to achieve those goals and will make you accountable for the same. An important thing to remember here; the Career coach will help you with your career growth, career transition (embarking on a new career), which career to choose and more but please don’t expect your career coach to find a job for you!

Finance Coaching

A Finance coach primarily focuses on improving your long-term financial behaviour, facilitates you to set and achieve short term and long term financial goals, help you practice new behaviours and monitors those behaviours related to your personal finance. The Finance coach will help you in addressing immediate financial issues, improve your current financial situation, help you in decision making, and lastly, will help you in getting tools, resources, and referrals to help you manage your finances in a better way. The Finance coach follows the standard coaching principles of asking relevant and specific questions, setting meaningful goals, plan action points, making you accountable, and provide you continuous support and motivation to achieve your goals.

Performance Coaching

Performance coaching relates to the overall performance of an individual or the organization. A Performance coach will help their client to overcome the obstacles that the client faces as an individual and collectively as an organization. The obstacles can be related to their mental or emotional well-being or may relate to some specific skills or behaviour pattern. The Performance coach evaluates the current status of the client and works with them to move them into the growth trajectory. The goal setting is done in conjunction with the client and the Performance Coach makes them accountable in ensuring that they achieve the same as per the agreed timeline between them and the coach. The Performance coach helps in empowering their client to make the right decisions so that they perform optimally exploring their full potential.

Relationships Coaching

Building or maintain relationships is the toughest task in the present day. How to ensure your relationships meets your expectations? Are your relationships meaningful? How to forge working relationships? These are some of the challenges that the Relationship Coach tries to address to their clients. Relationship coaching helps in improving the current status of the relationship of the clients both in their personal and professional life. The coach works with individuals, couples, partners, or family members working mainly on communication skills and conflict resolution. They help clients through the divorce phase (before and after), pre-marital phase, marriage, parenting, and other family changes. Just to know here that a Relationship coach is not a therapist and would not provide any medical remedies. The Relationship coach will help clients to look within and find out the roadblocks that prevent the client in forging meaningful relationships based out of trust, respect, empathy, and loyalty. This is achieved through a targeted goal setting and specific action plan so that client can make appropriate changes in his or her behaviour pattern.

Spiritual Coaching

Spiritual by definition mean related to the spirit or the soul. It has to do with a person’s thoughts, beliefs, and his divine self. A spiritual coach will help you in connecting with the person who actually you are. They do a deep dive into your beliefs, thought process, your desires to help you discover your true self devoid of your materialistic achievements. In spiritual coaching, the coach tries to work with you on the root causes rather than fixing some habits. They take a holistic approach in understanding your subconscious thought process and align it with your goals so as to drive the maximum of happiness, peace, and sense of overall fulfillment in your life. Basically, the coach addresses your ‘core programming’ to ensure that you reap maximum benefits in life in terms of understanding your purpose, connecting to your inner-self, and achieving your desired goals. In this process, the coach rather than emphasizing on ‘HOW’ would try to help you get answers to ‘WHY’ of the things.

NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) Coaching

Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is an approach to understand the relationship between how a person thinks, how he or she communicates, and the emotions and behaviour of that person. NLP was created by Richard Bandler and John Grinder in California, United States in the 1970s. NLP's creators claim there is a connection between neurological processes (neuro-), language (linguistic), and behavioural patterns learned through experience (programming), and that these can be changed to achieve specific goals in life. In practice, many coaches adopt the NLP methodology or model to conduct their coaching.

Retirement Coaching

Everyone looks for that period of their life when they will hang their boots up and enjoy life! Well, retirement is that phase of life when one gives up the responsibilities of working life and enjoys the free time available. But do you know, retirement can also be the most stressful event in one’s life? People lose purpose, become bored, may feel isolated with less social interaction, and they don’t have the extra desire or motivation to work out or travel like they thought they would. And if finances are not planned well, it adds to more worries. A retirement coach helps the client to cope up with all these issues and make them utilize the available time in the best possible way. The coach will plan or set goals along with the client for the mental, social, physical, and spiritual aspects of life after work and will motivate the clients to follow those goals and objectives. A Retirement coach act as a resource to their clients who help them figure out how to add purpose and meaning to their retirement years.

Fitness Coaching

Fitness coaching is related to the fitness of your body and mind. A fitness coach combines a systematic coaching process and personal training (or fitness instructions) to empower clients to develop a fit lifestyle as well as the ability and self-confidence to maintain a fit lifestyle. A fit lifestyle includes a level of regular physical activity sufficient to increase physical, mental, and emotional energy, manage weight and stress and improve self-image and self-esteem.

The Fitness coach follows the same principles of coaching like thoughtful assessment and inquiry, collaborative problem-solving, and goal-setting along with the safe, open, and honest dialogue. The coach will help their clients in gaining clarity on where they are now and where they want to go, and how to get there. The Client is made accountable to themselves. They make and honour their commitments to reaching their goals, accomplishing more than they believed possible when they began. The Fitness coach will help the client in setting a fitness regime suited to their lifestyle and will help them set goals, define an action plan, and navigate the path until they reach their goals. The coach will facilitate the learning and will help the client put that learning into action.

Coaching Accrediting Bodies

A coach needs to have formal training in coaching before he or she starts to coach clients. There are many coaching institutes and agencies which provide such training and are accredited by established and globally known accrediting bodies in coaching. These certifications and credentials confirm that the coach has undergone formal training in coaching and has met and follow the principles of coaching as per the guidelines issued by that accrediting body. These credentials are used as certification by the coaches to demonstrate their credibility as a coach and also assure their clients about their proficiency in coaching skills.

Some of the globally recognized coaching accreditation bodies are listed below:-

International Coaching Federation (ICF)

The ICF is the leading global organization dedicated to promoting the coaching profession. ICF offers the only globally recognized, independent credentialing program for coach practitioners.

The ICF has three levels of individual accreditation/credentialing depending upon meeting the classroom training hours and total coaching experience (the number of coaching hours completed) among other requirements:

ACC (Associate Certified Coach)

PCC (Professional Certified Coach)

MCC (Master Certified Coach)

Centre for Credentialing and Education (CCE)

The CCE is a not-for-profit organization that advances professional excellence in practitioners and organizations with assessments, business support services, and credentialing.

For the coaching field, the CCE currently has only one certification: Board Certified Coach (BCC)

European Mentoring and Coaching Credential (EMCC)

EMCC is the European Mentoring and Coaching Council. The EMCC exists to develop, promote, and set the expectation of best practice in mentoring and coaching across Europe and outside to benefit the society. EMCC provides a variety of accreditations including the following:

European Individual Accreditation (EIA) which has four levels – Foundation, Practitioner, Senior Practitioner, and Master.

International Coaching Community (ICC)

The ICC is a non-profit company registered in London, England. Through its core coaching competencies and standard ethics, ICC supports and develops a coaching profession as well as coaching as an activity.