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By Aditya Kuchibhotla
Life Coach coach

24 November 2020

Executive Coach

A coach helps you move from your current state to your desired state. While people are aware of this, what many are ignorant about is the list of things they should be aware of before they embark on this journey. In this article, I'd like to share a few aspects that one should keep in mind before deciding to go for a coach.

  1. Self-care: Few people consider that investing in self is not the right thing to do. The investment need not be just money - it can be time as well. If they buy something for themselves or enroll in a course or spend time working on themselves, they tend to feel guilty about it. One should understand the difference between self-care and selfishness. Besides, working on improving self (including coaching) involves a substantial amount of effort, time, and money.
  2. Desire to change: One must be clear of the fact there is a clear desire to change. It does not mean that one should know the change desired as some may want to move away from the current state though they may not know the destination. Hiring a coach without a strong desire to change will end up in wasted time and money.
  3. Face the truth: We all have our own belief system that we tend to safeguard. We are very protective of it. While we may not realize, some of our beliefs may be unsubstantiated or illogical, or maybe even redundant. During a coaching session, we may end up questioning some of our beliefs and behaviors. One should be prepared to face the truth and be prepared to let go of some of these and embrace new ones.
  4. Take charge: Coaching is all about assuming complete responsibility for one's life and actions. In this process, you should be prepared to explore, research, and make decisions around aspects that relate to yourself. If you're used to shooting from someone else's shoulder - be prepared to give that up.
  5. Be Vulnerable: During the coaching sessions, you should be prepared to discuss your weaknesses and your fears with your coach openly. This will help consider all the aspects when you are working on a solution. Without this, your solution will be half baked, and the result will be far from what was desired. So, if you wish to continue safeguarding your fears and weaknesses, then you're not ready to be coached.

A coaching journey is a fascinating part of life - filled with many surprises, learnings, and discoveries. If you take it up with the right frame of mind, you'd absolutely love every bit of it. A few days back, during a coaching session, my client was super excited when she identified her core values - this was possible because she was open and willing. The more open and willing you are, the higher the benefits.

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22 December 2020