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How can coaching help?

By Amit Vip
Executive Coach coach

08 June 2020

Executive Coach

“How can coaching help?”

My clients often ask this question.

The general perception that only people with problems need coaching is fast changing. Coaching helps individuals achieve professional and personal goals faster and with more ease than would be possible otherwise.

In my professional journey, there was a time when my gut said, “I can be more successful” but was unaware of what I needed to do or change to attain that next level.

Unfortunately, when you are a senior executive there are hardly any professional or personal friends who would give advise without judging you. At that stage you need someone:

  • independent who would listen to you and not judge you
  • who would challenge your self-limiting thoughts & beliefs
  • who would be blunt & honest in their feedback that you will not resist or counter
  • whose only agenda is to make you successful and happy

You must be wondering where can one find such a person?

It’s easy..…. that’s exactly what a coach does!

As a certified coach, I help my clients to:

  1. Navigate through their challenges
  2. Identify and change behaviour that will accelerate the fulfilment of their goals
  3. Built on their uniqueness and strengths
  4. Re-discover themselves and connect with their authentic self – help them understand their values, life purpose and natural gifts and talents
  5. Facilitate their transformation

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